09 Aug, 2021. By: Frank Mwasalukwa

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is a pre-recorded voice computerized to help the telephone caller to get information of where he/she is calling.
The IVR technology is Mostly used by the Telephone networks to redirect its customers of which service or problems they want to be solved, also companies with a multiple departments use IVR to direct clients to a certain department.

Now, as the technology advances, we Franklin will help your company or non-governmental organizations conduct their survey whereby callers call to a special number which can be (Paid phone or Toll-free phone call).

Callers will hear a pre-recorded voice which will introduce the survey and the purpose of the survey and will say the options for a caller to press on the buttons of his/her phone.

IVR surveys use very basic mobile phone technology to connect with respondents. Any phone that can receive a phone call can be used by a respondent to participate in an IVR survey.

1. Literate and Illiterate can easily participate in a survey.
2. Basic phone with receiving capacity can do
3. Reach more people, with low budget


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