HR Management
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Our HR/PR can make your business run smoothly, leting you concentrate on the real matters of your business while we assist office Administrative issues.

Recruitment Services
Using our RecruitSys System and the team of experts from various desciplines, we are able to recruit number of potential candidates in a short period of time. Our Online pre-screening system help us to have a resitory of petential candidates for your company and makes it easy to get results quickly.
Administrative Tasks
Our HR department does also conduct office administrative services such as Office Attendants, Messenger, cleaners and cooks for Hire. We also deal with office decor of both inside and outside environments.
Employement Law Services & Conflict Management
Peaceful and lovely working environment is vital in increasing productivity. The HR Experts team will help you understand issues & grievances of employees and recommend strategies to address such issues as well as representation in Labour Tribunals. This will help you to Avoid Individual, group or collective grievance, and disputes build positive relationship with employees and motivates employees to be more productive
Employees Training & Development
Successful employers integrate training, development and succession planning programs into the organization's overall strategy, ensuring all programs drive toward the same set of objectives. These guidelines can help management plan employee development programs. Franklin HR is here to help your organization archive this objectives.
Reference Check
Reference checks are necessary so as to maintain workforce integrity and safety. They reduce the risk associated with hiring decisions. With the opportunity to offer you background checks services, we promise to give you the needed insight in uncovering the unknown details of the potential candidate. We can do employee background checks on behalf of any organization. We are committed to customize a solution that is appropriate for your needs. This service will be performed in a convenient, confidential, cost-effective and legally-compliant manner in order to enable you to recruit and retain top talent while lowering staff turnover rate, reducing risk of internal criminal activities and maintaining integrity in the market.
HR Policy & Procedures
Our partnership with you will ensure that your HR Policies & Procedures are adhering to the requirement of the law and being implemented. This will help your employees to know their duties, responsibilities and rights, they will understand the rules & regulations of the Organization and they will become aware of the procedures to follow. On the other hand you as an employer will become law compliant, fair and transparent, avoid potential labour disputes and identify and take action on habitual offenders.
More Services
Neat, yet high performance Network infrastructure ready to boost your every-day need of Networking for big and small Enterprise.
We install and Deliver a sophisticated Security for your entire Organization and the protection of you Data, on and off the premisses.
Call Center
Ever thought of having a simple yet sophisticated ip telephony system for your SME, SOHO and large Enterprise. We've technology that will fit your need.
Our niche is in supporting our customers with reaching out to their target audiences across the global through all ways of engagement. Carefully, we start your products ...
Our ERP/CRM/POS the come together and separately, we can make your business grow with this Entity Resource Planning. Demo is available at your request
Our HR/PR can make your business run smoothly, leting you concentrate on the real matters of your business while we assist office Administrative issues.
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