Telephony Systems
& Call centers

Our IP based telephony solution is remarkable so the say our clients. We've been affecting the companies norms into uptodate high tech and affordable solutions in their organizational internal and external way of communications

Internet Protocal Private branch Protocal
We supply and configure IPPABX for the call center. This involves IVR Settings, internal and external communication telephone configuration, setup PC's to be used as client for call center agents.
Call center Infrastructure
Setting up a call center will involve setting up a LAN network as the infrastructure. We will install a state of the art LAN Network by selecting a proper and high end tools available on the market and follow proper engaging procedure to make sure you have a high efficiency.
IP Telephone
We supply and install Ip Telephone for homes and Organizations.
We supply, install and cnfigure IPBX for varous use, from SOHO to large enterprises, from 20 users to 1000 users, for simple and complex organizations.
Analogue and GMS and E1 installation
IP telephone with IPPBX can have both Analogue and GSM installed in one place and your business can miss no call from clients. We also commission E1 projects for call centers and other uses.
Receive calls when out of office
If you are using IP Telephony, we can confirgure calls to be able to reach you or your employee, even if he/she is outside the office. This will make your clients happy as you will miss no calls
Call Center Furniture
We alway come full packaged, if you ever need a room setup for a call center, we have experienced Carpentry engineers who will make partitioned tables to fit the call center with affordable price, durable.
Hire Agents on Basis
Hiring new people for a short period of a month, two or three may be tideous, since we have been doing this, we have a repository of trained agents ready to take and run a call center at your consent. This works if you have a Call center in place.
Call Ceneter Hire on Demand
Ever needed a call center services in an affordable way, we have ready in place call center to cater for your need. You might recruit and bring-in your agents or use in-site agents.
The company also provide Training to Agents and your members of staff on how to better run the Call Center.
More Services
Neat, yet high performance Network infrastructure ready to boost your every-day need of Networking for big and small Enterprise.
We install and Deliver a sophisticated Security for your entire Organization and the protection of you Data, on and off the premisses.
Call Center
Ever thought of having a simple yet sophisticated ip telephony system for your SME, SOHO and large Enterprise. We've technology that will fit your need.
Our niche is in supporting our customers with reaching out to their target audiences across the global through all ways of engagement. Carefully, we start your products ...
Our ERP/CRM/POS the come together and separately, we can make your business grow with this Entity Resource Planning. Demo is available at your request
Our HR/PR can make your business run smoothly, leting you concentrate on the real matters of your business while we assist office Administrative issues.
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